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Individual and Group Behavior Change

Argos Behavior Change (ABC) creates coaching guides, individualized learning plans, and small-group behavior change interventions. Behavior change occurs when there is clear accountability. Integrating individual, group, and manager accountability structures into learning interventions can create sustainable change.


Individual & Group Behavior Change
Case Example


ABC partnered with the internal training team, a technology consultancy, subject matter experts, and key leaders at a large biotech company to design, develop and implement a measurement and assessment strategy from concept to implementation. The deliverables included a communication strategy on the intervention, assessments for multiple roles, pull-through tools for managers, and a web-enabled interface for gamification and tracking.



After a major shift in organizational priorities, leaders in a biotech group wanted to be able to assess progress toward this change for field-based roles. 



In partnership with a learning technologies company, ABC collaborated on the development of a case-based, interactive assessment system that incorporated gamification, including short weekly assessments and a competition-based platform.



ABC created two types of assessments. The first type were brief assessments that were pulsed out regularly as part of the gamification process. The second type of assessment were more in-depth scenario-based assessments that were situated in real-world contexts.

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