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Three Reasons to Choose Argos Behavior Change (ABC)


Thought partnership. Choose ABC for thought partnership and exploration of ideas.  ABC combines a strategic organizational change approach with structured learning design. We do not have any "off-the-shelf" interventions. Everything is customized based on your organization's needs and in order to create that customization, we engage in thought partnership around organizational change and learning elements.


Learner-centered design. Choose ABC for our more than 20 years of experience in creating engaging learning for all levels that incorporates learners' knowledge, skills, and abilities. We will design and develop interactive training programs that engage learners across multiple levels; deliver training content directly; coach others to deliver; and implement pull-through strategies and sustainable change plans.


Scientist-practitioner approach. Choose ABC for a thoughtful integration of evidence-based principles into relevant learning. We will assess training needs using qualitative and quantitative methods; evaluate the effectiveness of training interventions; and manage the timely delivery of learning interventions.

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