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Instructional Design & Learning Development

Argos Behavior Change (ABC) creates customized training based on organizational goals and learner needs using educational best practices.  Mara partners and collaborates with internal and external experts to create engaging and relevant learning.

Instructional Design & Learning Development
Case Example


ABC created a virtual customer engagement learning series for experienced account managers that included guidelines for engaging virtually, conversation planning, and a simulation with ex-customers who used a coaching guide aligned to role competencies in order to drive specific areas of behavior change.



As a result of COVID-19, a managed care account management team needed to quickly become fluent in customer engagement using a virtual platform. At the same time, many account managers were forming new relationships with customers that they had not yet previously met.



A four-part workshop series was designed in collaboration with key customer partners.  Each 90-minute workshop featured virtual workshop best practices as well as adult learning best practices for maximum engagement.



Coaching guides for ex-customers who were invited to engage in customer simulations during the fourth session were incorporated to set clear expectations for both sides of the simulation and ensure alignment to role competencies.

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