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Strategic Learning Program Design

Choose Argos Behavior Change (ABC) for group or small organizational behavior change program design, development, and implementation.

Mara Velez, the principal of ABC has been instrumental in architecting large scale and small-scale change behavior change programs for the past 20 years.

Strategic Learning Program Design Case Example


Mara was a strategic thought and implementation partner for a large-scale change for a managed care group. Key deliverables for this project included a gap analysis, key communications, long-term learning plans aligned to new competencies based on gap analysis results, and workshops aligned to the new competencies.



A managed care account management team underwent an organizational structure change with new roles created, new sub-teams formed, and individuals without managed care account management experience moving into account management roles. The experienced account managers needed to learn their new role and responsibilities, and get their teams up-to-speed. The team needed a comprehensive learning strategy for multiple levels: experienced account managers, mid-career account managers, and the newly hired account managers with sales background, but who are new to managed care.



The first step was to gain a fundamental understanding of where everyone was in relationship to the new roles and responsibilities, so a gap analysis was created in partnership with a human resources consulting group and a strategic marketing firm. ABC wrote assessment items and case studies that aligned to the new competencies and role responsibilities for a real-world evaluation of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Based on the results of the gap analysis, ABC created a personalized training plan for each account manager.


Once the gap analysis was complete, the roll-up results were used to create a multi-level training plan for entry, mid-, and high-level managed care account managers that created a learning pathway geared toward achieving behavioral fluency in each of the competencies.

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